Beatrice Grace

A down-to-earth wellness brand created for empowerment through inner child healing. The branding of this passion project focuses on creating a sense of calm and reassurance with a comforting color palette and earthy design elements.


An LA-based candle company that uses all natural ingredients to hand-craft candles that are clean, non-toxic, and safe to burn in your home. The passion project highlights the delightfully warm and relaxed vibes associated with both cozy candles and a trip to the coastline.

Six Figure Biz Society

An empowerment community that gives entrepreneurs access to everything they need in order to scale their business beyond six figures. The fresh branding of this passion project grabs the attention of the target audience and sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Morgan Frye

A personalized copywriting experience that helps businesses increase sales, conversions, and opt-ins. The brand design of this passion project communicates the copywriter’s intention to create a personable and fun process for her clients.

Tori Glam

A beauty guru based in New York who specializes in creating fabulous and magical experiences for my clients. The bold branding of this passion project evokes the spirit of a hair & makeup artist who loves to play with color, light and texture in their craft and in their branding.


An ethically sourced jewelry brand that uses only high-quality materials with hand crafteding in studio by master jewelers. The dreamy branding of this self-started project focuses on the new generation of modern women who desire stylish and timeless design.

The Email List Ladies Podcast

A friendly podcast community to help entrepreneurs maximize their growth potential by nurturing and growing their email list. The brand direction of this self-initiated project emphasizes personality and passion with the eye-catching design meant to grab the attention of the ideal podcast audience.

Black Girls Smile

A nonprofit dedicated to encouraging positive mental health education, resources, and support geared toward young Black women and girls. The minimalist brand design emphasizes the positive and impactful mission of the brand.