Beatrice Grace

A down-to-earth wellness brand created for empowerment through inner child healing. The branding of this passion project focuses on creating a sense of calm and reassurance with a comforting color palette and earthy design elements.

Morgan Frye

A personalized copywriting experience that helps businesses increase sales, conversions, and opt-ins. The brand design of this passion project communicates the copywriter’s intention to create a personable and fun process for her clients.

Tori Glam

A beauty guru based in New York who specializes in creating fabulous and magical experiences for my clients. The bold branding of this passion project evokes the spirit of a hair & makeup artist who loves to play with color, light and texture in their craft and in their branding.

Natalie Walker

A dedicated specialist who provides on-demand assistance for small businesses. This brand direction balances professionalism and modernity with a subtle design cues that help to engage positively with the target audience.